Creating your stories is something we thrive on and our work and results prove it. Have a look at some of the case studies below and see how we have helped clients in various industries get their message out.


Case Study 1: Accord LMS

Accord LMS is an e-learning software which helps to organize tasks internally within companies.

Goal: Explain the software to the website visitors.

Problem: Accord LMS needed to explain their solution to the website visitors and thus guide them systematically through their website in an educated manner. This was due to a lot of information on their website which was confusing their website visitors.

Solution: We came up with a simple explainer video for them which explains the benefits of using their software.

Result: Accord LMS now spend less time in explaining what they do and spend more time on selling.



Rick Bruce, Director of Marketing for Accord LMS


Case Study 2: Pacer ETFs

Pacer ETFs is a 7-time award winning exchange traded fund provider that has been recognized for its client-focused philosophy.

Goal: Awareness about the new ETF solution.

Problem: Pacer ETFs launched their new trend pilot series and was wanting to showcase the benefits of using their trend-pilot software internally to the sales team as well as externally during the conferences and meetings.

Solution: We learned about their target audience and came up with this simple solution for them with the help of a well-created script and complementing it with motion graphics. We clarified their message with the help of a simple traffic signal example.

Result: A well-received video within the organization and outside which helped them save time and get traction.


"We enlisted Rohan and his team to help us create videos to simply explain our investment strategies to everyday people. They turned our idea on paper into an animated video. The team was very professional and accommodating and the cost was reasonable. We’ve had great reception and feedback with our first two videos and look forward to working with Rohan and his team again."
Ashlee Thomson, VP, Pacer ETFs

Case Study 3: Grooa's - The C.L.E.A.R. Mindset

The Clear Mindset method is focused on resolving conflicts and dealing with disagreements at workplace.

Goal:Explanation the Clear Mindset process to the target audience.

Problem: The Clear Mindset is a product of Grooa and they needed to explain the process of how workplace conflicts could be handled in a more effective way.

Solution:The entire project outline was structured to more relevant to the prospects of Grooa.The script was worked out in great detail creating a solid foundation for the project. The graphics were more cartoony since we wanted to keep the video as light-hearted and fun as possible.

Result:We were successfully able to break down the complex process in a video which is a little less than 2 minutes. The video was well received and is a part of the training material on the website which creates further intrigue about the methodology.


"Working with Rohan has been a surprisingly positive and inspiring experience; he is very customer-focused and together with his team he strives to deliver with excellence in a very timely manner. In the first project that he did for us (which will not be the last), I especially appreciated the thoroughness with which Rohan helped me define my expectations with detailed clarity; and how he checked with me at key points in time to verify that we were going in the right direction, always willing to go the extra mile and continue to perfect the end product until I was completely satisfied. I am impressed of how swiftly we reached a result that exceeded my best expectations (and I am known to be quite demanding!) He is also surrounding himself with highly professional colleagues. World class execution with a seamless process and extreme kindness. Thanks, Rohan!"
Laura Lozza, PCC, CPCC, M.Sc, Management Consultant, Entrepreneur and Executive Coach, P&G/IMD Alumna

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