Video Marketing – The Definitive Guide

There is no doubt that video marketing is the hottest trend currently and this won’t be slowing down anytime soon. With easy accessibility of videos to everyone, the influx of visual information that your prospects receive on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Chances are that you are already using videos or you are considering […]


Optimising Videos – Get The Best ROI From Your Video Marketing!

Having taken the time to design and develop a high-quality promotional video for your website, it’s important that you get a solid return on your investment. In this article, we’ll be giving you detailed tips on optimising videos. As a starting point, we have written this article on the basis that you’re hosting your video […]



Explainer videos have made a huge impact to businesses in 2017 – and it’s easy to see why. They’re not simply another fly-by-night social media trend, rather they’re a shift in how businesses present content to an audience. Explainer videos are short, entertaining and informative pieces of content with one goal: understanding. Put simply, they […]

6 Worst Things About NOT Using Video Marketing

6 Worst Things About NOT Using Video Marketing

There’s a reason why everyone talks about videos nowadays. They’re visually enticing, attractive, and can deliver a long message into something enticing in just under a minute. This is why you would notice why people prefer to watch videos rather than lengthy texts on websites. Take for example YouTube. YouTube is the largest search engine […]

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How Explainer Videos are Vital to Grow your Business

If you didn’t know already, an explainer video is a short animation video that businesses use to get their brand stories across in an attention-grabbing manner. They became popular when a company called Common Craft made a video to explain the use of Twitter. How effective are explainer videos and why do explainer videos work? […]

Types Of Content Does Your Audience Really Wants To See!

Types Of Content Your Audience Really Wants To See!

Video marketing works – there’s no denying that. But only if you give the audience what they want! After speaking to audiences and successful marketers alike, we concluded that these are the main types of video content people want to see: Tutorials: How-to videos are a big hit because they help people understand how to […]